Ice cream: two arses

Bum Bum in the UK?

Bum Bum in the UK?

Naming brands is never easy, but if you’re a regional ice cream maker and hit upon an idea that works in your country, you’re probably not thinking about words and meanings beyond the borders of the domestic market.

I met someone who worked for Schöller ice cream, based in Nuremberg. I was burning to know why their brand “Bum Bum” also had English wording on it. “Because we export it,” came the reply. I politely pointed out to them that Bum Bum in (UK) English means the equivalent of Arsch Arsch. I could sense their embarassment. Maybe that’s why they weren’t selling many Bum Bums in England.

Eventually the company was bought by Nestlé.

As ever, I was watching in the sidelines to see what a multinational would make of this brand. Surely they would wise up to the problem. Would the English declarations disappear?

Answer: no. They simply slapped the Nestlé logo on it. It’s the old logo from Spain, or is it the new one?

Bum Bum from Nestlé

Bum Bum from Nestlé

In any event, as the Nestlé logo was clearly being updated internationally, soon after I scanned in this pack they changed it. To this:

Source:website screenshot

I can tell you right now, this is a mismatch with the UK logo… Apart from which, “Schöller”? What sort of a name is that for exporting ice cream under Nestlé? Müller did succeed in yogurts, but as Müller from Müller. Not Müller from Nestlé.

So they’re back to the age-old problem.

My suggestion: take off the “Nestlé”, invent a uniform logo for all countries. And rename your “arse arse”.


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  1. And yes, the “international English” site uses the same unfortunate name:

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