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Screenshot source: "Dove" chocolate website

Screenshot source: “Dove” chocolate website

Amicelli, once called Dove, once called Dove Amicelli (and a couple of other things in between) has gone back to Plan A. It’s now called Amicelli. Mars hopes that this latest move will allow all associations with body creams and cosmetics to fly off like a silent white bird into the distance.

If you were following the Amicelli story on this blog, a true branding saga, you may remember that for some reason unknown to me the owners, Mars, decided that the name Dove would look good on its women’s chocolate. To cut a long story short: they changed their mind. Amicelli and Dove don’t mix.

Which beggars the question – how often can you change a brand name – or sub-brands, or co-brands – and get away with it?

Well I guess it all depends on your design consistency. During the whole of this roundabout exercise, Mars were consistent about one thing: the overall look of the pack. Which makes you realise: a brand is more than the name. It’s an image. It’s the advertising. It’s the whole gamut.

Meanwhile, I thought I’d check out their website (from which the doubtless copyrighted image was screenshot) to see what happened to Dove Waves and Dove Liaison… gone.

But one thing hasn’t changed: the name of the website: O dear.

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  1. In 2005 Mars put the brand Amicelli under the head brand Dove together with DoveLiaison, DoveWaves and DovePromises and – apparently consequently – added the word Dove to Amicelli.
    I think as well, that the consumers were confused. Maybe not because they had the soap and cosmetic products in their mind, but because they missed their “old” Amicelli (has the usual ingredients or the quality changed? Is Dove Amicelli the same product?).
    Perhaps the old Amicelli and as well the Dove consumers were confused too, as all other Dove products have caramel as main ingredient but not Amicelli (main ingredient hazelnut).
    So the brand became weak, lost its “soundboard”, brand identity and finally the brand power.
    Mars seems not to have banked upon this confusion. After recognizing it, they decided to keep Amicelli in the Dove product group, but gave it back its old Amicelli brand identity and only relaunched the design similar to the Dove design (wave, colour) to make a softer brand assimilation possible and give the customers back their confidence.

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