Christmas gift

In case you were disappointed by your Christmas gifts. Here’s a little something…

Don't drink or eat too much

Don’t drink or eat too much

I’m assuming it’s a joke present. Or at least, if someone gave it to me, I’d have to be in good spirits. Probably a short product life cycle though.

And it must fulfil a benefit. The only question is: for whom? The giver or the receiver. And how long does the receiver of such a gift enjoy this benefit?

Or maybe some people do buy it for themselves… in which case, the question is: who is the target group?

So many questions. Too many for Christmas if you ask me. But when you work in marketing these are fundamental questions if a product’s going to succeed. Who knows.

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3 responses to “Christmas gift

  1. This little something reminds me of the soft toys my boyfriend likes to snatch out of the boxes you find on parish fairs. In this case my boyfried benefits from the fun he has durings the snatching, although he has to pay money for it and sometimes doesn’t get the toy.

    It also reminds me of my childhood when I had similar cuddly toys. Each generation likes/has different brands of soft toys…

    As important as the question about the target group is the question about the right point of sales. If you find these toys for example in Baby One (store for babies and kids), then it is obvious for me that the target group are children.

  2. Pee&Poo as a plush toy brand was established in 2004 by Emma Meggit “as a result of her masters degree” in graphic design” (1). The task, the Swedish designer had to work on, seems to have been to create a funny and at the same time esthetic and educational proper toy (1, 2). “Among other things”, the brand has “evolved to include” clothes for children and adults – the brand seems to have become really successful. It shall be a nice cuddly compensation while children’s potty training.(1)

    Target group and benefit thoughts (compare 2):
    – children / parents (00-education)
    – present for adults who still have everything (fun)
    – but: really expensive

    internet sources 01-06-09:

  3. The unimaginable things happend always, in free market, everyone chase its benifits through good marketing, even the unuseful,unneed things can be well sold, such like anti-virus softwares.

    Another exsample, a video game character Sonic the Hedgehog was created by the japanese company SEGA, as a cartoon character a hedgehog is not acceptable for the board of directors of USA while SEGA wanna promote Sonic in US, coz the conventional characters are mouse, rabbit, cat… and so on. A hedgehog is… may be horrible.

    But in fact, Sonic is so popular in US market as in Japan, I also wonder how.

    see also:

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