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Heineken cans in France

Heineken cans in France

How differently alcohol is sold in different countries…

Starting with some examples from Anja (thanks for your input!), it looks like the French are taking the issue of drinking during pregnancy very seriously. So seriously in fact that warnings now feature on cans.

Whether this is a legal requirement I don’t know, but if it is then that can’t be a bad thing. A sign of things to come in other countries?

Then we zap to the other side of the world: China. And a brand called Double Happiness.

Drink yourself double happy?

Drink yourself double happy?

Now to the foreign eye this product may way look like the Chinese are promising a state of ultimate bliss with this beer. But thankfully they’re not encouraging us to drink ourselves silly. Double happiness is a concept firmly anchored in Chinese tradition, so perhaps this is a very fitting name (though I do hope people don’t take it too literally). I believe it’s also a leading Chinese cigarette.

Nothing but vodka

Nothing but vodka

Finally we slip to Slovenia where I came across this bizarre piece of packaging recently. Perhaps from a design point of view it’s sleek, sophisticated – premium. Miminalism; the pack is the product. The message is loud and clear. Vodka.

But from a marketing point of view … I find this one unbelievable. All the bottle had on it in terms of declarations was: “Vodka”. Plus a bar code down the back.

No indication of alcohol content. Maker. Fill. Legals. Warnings. Nothing. And Slovenia is now a fully fledged member of the EU? (perhaps more so than England – Slovenia has the euro).

I can’t imagine products like this one staying around too long – not if the technocrats in Brussels get their way…

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