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Grabbing attention at the point of sale (PoS) can be crucial in some markets. Especially highly competitive ones, where the first place the customer encounters you is not in the media – as you’d hoped – but standing on shelf, next to all your competitors just before the purchase decision is made.


In such instances, stand-out is crucial. It’s P for place. Stela recently sent me these images from Brazil. Having worked in FMCG marketing I know how important it is to get noticed in outlets. You want prime sites, end of aisle. Eye level. But so do the others.


Competition is so stiff that some stores will charge you major amounts of money to put on even the most modest displays. Even a small shelf barker can cost tens of thousands in big chainstores. Do you break even on such promotions? No, not always.

But considering you may be also, indirectly, advertising to customers for the first time at the PoS, maybe it’s still money well spent.

So when I saw these pictures from Brazil, my immediate reaction was, “Oops, that must have cost a small fortune!”. Yes, maybe it did, even in Brazilian terms. But wow, it certainly catches the eye. Can you imagine seeing wonderful larger-than-life displays like this in England or Germany? No such thing. Here it’s all subtle and desperately tame.

Didn't notice me? Then smell this...

Didn’t notice me? Then smell this…

To top it off, the manufacturer then really goes for your senses.

Hidden away, out of view (all right, obviously not that well hidden), Stela discovered a small odour machine, gently wafting the smell of the product into the store. Chocolate. Smell that chocolate. So even if you did, somehow, overlook the brash brand parade, even if all the other promotional spend on classic media went to waste, your nose might lead you to the product…

It’s an old trick, but it works. As fish ‘n’ chip shops that fan salt ‘n’ vinegar smells onto English High Streets will confirm: you’re in the right place.

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