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This is not a criticism of German retailers, but shopping in some countries is made soooo easy compared to here, where some shops feel to me like they got stuck in a rut in the 1980s.

Click to magnifya magnificently simple idea

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a magnificently simple idea

I’ll take an example from France where I dropped into a colossal outlet last summer to stock up with local wine. As expected, I was overwhelmed by the selection. But my choice was made much easier not only by the wine labels, which clearly showed how dry or sweet individual wines are. The signs were colour-coded to show which wines went well with what.

Basically, the shop thought with and for the customer. Nice. Unlike some outlets in sleepy Stuttgart, which sometimes make you feel like an intruder, getting in the way of staff trying to stack shelves.

There was an interesting linguistic mishap in the French outlet though. I think they were trying to sell me snacks, but no, it clearly said on the sign: SNAKING. Hmm, bring on that fried serpent…

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2 responses to “Convenience in the shops

  1. In Britain, stacking shelves in supermarkets is done overnight. There are also clear labels over each aisle, saying what you can find there.

  2. Hm, its an idea which is certainly helpful for wine non-experts.
    But I think here in Germany the type of customer that goes to a pure wine-shop wants to show up a little with his wine knowledge (however extensive it might be). I would not use the word arrogance in this context but I think the German wine shop customer would not like to be thought for.
    Besides the I fear mans wines would lose a bit of their “authenticity”. They would look more like an industrial product.
    I have read that customers reject plastic corks despite the better quality. I think this is something similar.
    But overall I think it would be very useful for supermarkets. Because there the tipe of customer is different… no “wine knowledge sho off effect”

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