Eat ice in Stuttgart

Hot off the press: Stuttgart – which like any other modern city, has to market itself – has unveiled a new logo to compete against “Barcelona, New York and Oberammergau” (quote The new logo adorns the possible new brochures…


My instant reaction was: Fancy an ice cream?!?, from whom these images are sourced, reacted similarly with “Hmmmmmmm, I want to go on holiday there too”. [Hmmmmmmm, hier will ich auch Urlaub machen. I think they’re being sarcastic] 

Have the design agency and marketing execs talked to GENUINE tourists in Stuttgart?! In the 14 years I’ve been here I’ve shown many a visitor round. What do they enjoy and remember most? A glass cube that could be in ANY MODERN CITY of the world and looks like the Borg Cube from Star Trek (and is thus totally out of place opposite the beautiful Old Castle)?? Or do tourists go back with pictures of a classic regional city, nestling in rolling countryside, amid vineyards, 18th century jewels of architecture and leafy green parks? Correct.

Source: wikipedia

Classic Stuttgart.

As for that logo. While any logo needs the occasional facelift, at least the old one reminds you of some of Stuttgart’s USPs. It shows the pillars of the old exchange (Börse) integrated into the letters of Stuttgart, next to the horse, part of the city’s rich history as a “stud-garden” (by the way, this horse is in the Porsche logo, the only car logo worldwide to feature its origins in its logo).

Oh dear. I’d call this throwing out the baby with the bath water. Not a step forward. But a mismatch.

I hate to be critical of a city I have enjoyed many years in as an expat. But: match your message to your target market. If you say your target group is 40+, then I can tell you now: they won’t be attracted by an ice cream logo and Borg cubes. Do you really think that wonky stars will help modernise this classic regional city?

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  1. Totally agree. It’s the historic, combined with the modern.

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