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Soreen LovemarkContinuing on the lovemark theme and brands that tune into you by speaking your language, I decided to contrast and compare two products and their slant on speaking to the buyer through the packaging.

The first is from the UK, a traditional cake that can be sliced and eaten with butter and a spread: Soreen, the “original malt loaf”. It deploys a trend-of-the-times tactic of product personification. A lot like innocent drinks, the brand speaks from the first person singular (I). “I’m the biggest.” On the back: “Squeeze me. Come on, don’t be shy. There. Feel that?”.

Average pun

Average pun

What’s clever is not just the lovebrand approach, but also the fact that there’s no shame in what I thought was a negative – the fact that the cake is too soft and loses its shape. The humourous text deliberately turns this into a positive and teases you to think about mouthwatering squidginess. Feel that…?

Half way across the continent in Germany, I find Lindt using a similar ploy. Lindt’s an exotic, not hugely well known brand in the UK but it has steadily elbowed its way into Easter with its golden bunnies. It has a premium image and now being an international brand, it’s decided to be groovy, go lovey-dovey as is the trend, and speak from the “I” and “me”. “Hello, my name is…”

The only problem is, the English the brand uses is so naff. “Nice to sweet you” sounds like a bad joke, at least it does to me.

Every bit going ouch ouch ouch

Every bit going ouch ouch ouch

But while I’m still wincing at the caramel brownie, another variant in the range with crunchy contents tries telling me, “Every bit makes grum grum grum”.

It “makes”? Do they mean it goes grum grum grum? And what the f is grum anyway? A noise made by a Brothers Grimm character?

I can only imagine some non-native speaker product manager came up with this, growling it comically in a meeting, and all the other non-native speakers thought it sounded onomatopoeic. Wrong. To get the audience falling in love with your brand, speak their vernacular.

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