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Two examples from this summer, one from the Black Forest and one from the German speaking area of Switzerland, but both of classic tools used in advertising to grab attention or raise interest.

Source: Facebook M Sonneborn

Source: Facebook M Sonneborn

The first falls into the ‘sex sells’ category with an attempt to compare hills, crevasses and vegetation to, well, a woman’s body. Is this an attempt to make hiking more sexy? To pull in more young men to explore the countryside rather than drink Sangria in Mallorca? I find the link tenuous and unless I’m missing something, I can’t see how it would pull people in to discover more. It just grabs attention. But isn’t that all that sex in advertising does anyway?

It certainly got people talking though, the question is whether it also got more people to the Action part of AIDA and attracted more visitors to the Black Forest.

SharksThe second example also falls into the humour category with a shocking statement aimed at tourists hoping to enjoy a refreshing dip in the Swiss parts of the River Rhine: “No sharks in the Rhine”. The shark disclaimer works instantly and makes you more curious, before leading the eye to the real message about the dangers of bathing – important information that probably gets ignored every year on riverside signs. It certainly was along other rivers I visited this summer. But not with this campaign. Not only is it effective at grabbing interest and using humour to make you read more, it has a positive impact on the overall image of the Swiss. The campaign also features on the Swiss police website (from where the screenshot comes), with a statement that there are no sharks to worry about, but safety rules to think about.

Both campaigns have viral potential, but the shark idea is quite unique and instantly generates ‘Action’. .

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