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Enough to make Telekom see red

Gaining coverage

One way to attract interest and get people liking your brand is to talk about something that occupies their thoughts. With mobile users, being available and (these days) having good and fast data access is important. So what better way to attack your competitor than expose their weakness: bad coverage. I like this example because it’s showing that German companies … Continue reading


o2 can’t do?

When the laws in Germany changed and for the first time it was permitted to carry out comparative advertising, the carmakers in particular were quick to jump on the bandwagon. I captured a whole series of ads at the time as BMW battled it out with Mercedes. Earlier this year, I witnessed some aggressive ads in the telecommunications sector, but … Continue reading


You’re not thick are you?

German electronics giant Media Markt has been plugging its stores for years with the challenging slogan “Ich bin doch nicht blöd”, which I’ll translate loosely as “I’m not thick you know”. The tag line is now used from Berlin to Barcelona, as you can see from the Spanish ad on the right (by the way: just as well this ad’s … Continue reading

TV ad for smart, vs environmentalists

Good car for sex?

Thanks go to Jan-Hinnerk for pointing out another example of German car makers using their new powers to do comparative advertising. It used to be forbidden here, but as you may already know from the story of Smart’s little battle with the new Mini, the car makers in particular enjoy a public spat in advertising. This latest kindergarten ner-ner argument … Continue reading


Smart ideas

According to the story I heard, a few years ago at the big German car show, the IAA, the makers of the new Mini (BMW) decided to put their car next to a Smart (made by arch enemy Mercedes) and fill them both with ping pong balls. As visitors to their stand could clearly see, they got more ping pong … Continue reading


Oracle attack

It’s been quite common to see comparative advertising in the States and UK for years. As long as it’s factually correct and not misleading it is allowed. This is one of my favourite examples of a campaign that really sticks the knife in. Using 1 IBM server for the named task is faster than using 4. It doesn’t improve processing … Continue reading


Ronald’s favourite

Whether comparative advertising is your style or not (some people say you shouldn’t need to mention the competition and in fact doing so is at some level only helping plug their name – at your expense), this picture says a thousand words. I never found out whether McDonald’s did anything about Burger King using their “brand mnemonic”, but I bet … Continue reading


Car wars

Nothing like poking fun at the competition. Some people would maintain you must be desperate for something really interesting to say if you have to resort to mud flinging, but this sequence of ads from South Africa was amusing. It started with this: To which came this superlative: Others joined in: It was rounded off by a totally arrogant stance … Continue reading