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Lovely location marketing

Lovemarks and Liebe

When Kevin Roberts, the CEO of Saatchi and Saatchi first wrote about “Lovemarks” and that unique combination of love and respect every company craves for from its customers, I remember thinking “What a lovely term!”, even if the concept was nothing new. People have, after all, been obsessed with their favourite car brands, designer wear and entertainment providers for decades. … Continue reading


Beer from here

German beer brands, especially the really big ones, have a hard time making sure customers see their positioning as unique. If you go through the top 10, some of the brands’ imagery overlaps – pure ingredients, nature, ‘preference’ brands etc (I’ve counted quite a few that use the preference strategy). I’ve also noticed over the years that big topics used … Continue reading


Fuck the diet

Unilever brand Du Darfst (indirectly linked to the UK brand Too Good to be True), seems to have changed its mind about a somewhat daring TV campaign. The original version encouraged women to stop strict slimming regimes, with the somewhat shocking tagline ‘fuck the diet’. Luckily I caught the ad and took a picture of it. I’d been planning to … Continue reading


Future customers

Apple offers students and university staff special discounts on products. It may seem unfair to other buyers, but it’s accepted practice. This is quite common in some markets: although the product is the same, people accept that other customers get a better deal. But it’s more usual in service industries. So museums or shows will offer discounts to certain groups … Continue reading


Washes whiter

How do you update a brand without making it look like what you had before wasn’t perhaps as good as you were making it out to be? For years people mocked the iconic Persil for claiming it washes whiter. What, like it didn’t wash white before? And what is ‘whiter’ anyway? The Unilever/Henkel people are familiar with the headache of … Continue reading

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Packaging signals

I have Johannes to thank for this latest example of a German company realising that many customers judge you most by the part of the marketing mix they see most often: P for product, in this case even P for packaging. Pickled gherkins are big in Germany (the market, not just the products). I see as many on shelf here … Continue reading


Price skimming

Producers of mobile phones, digital cameras, flat screens and similar hi-tech products often have to pump huge budgets into R&D. To get this investment back – and break even as quickly as possible – they tend to “price skim”. This involves using high prices to remove the “cream” from the market before the competitors catch up. Thankfully innovators are willing … Continue reading


Don’t copy me

What do you do if a competitor copies your brand name? Normally: blast them out of the water. But check your facts first. The German brand Löwenbräu will be familiar to beer drinkers in many countries of the world. In Germany there are two Löwenbräu’s, however. So which one is the rightful brand owner? The answer is both. The original, … Continue reading


Cup cakes are coming

The last time I saw an outlet opening that looked like it was in the wrong place, I was convinced by a fellow Brit that it served a growing need and would survive. Ok, I’m not into manicure and nail painting. But apparently it was all the rage at the time in London. So I chose not to write about … Continue reading


Country of origin marketing

It’s common in business to business for companies to play up their heritage. As any German engineering company will tell you, the label “made in Germany” is an instant door opener to many export markets. It can also work in non-BtB markets, as long as you understand the audience. On a recent trip to Slovenia, my eye was caught by … Continue reading


Are Web 2.0 customers always right?

Two recent examples of how listening to the much revered customer does not always go right – especially if they take over your marketing for you! And using Web 2.0 and inviting online junkies to define tactics …? We’ll start in Australia. The Land of Plenty. This includes Vegemite, a yeast extract similar to (but definitely not the same as!) … Continue reading