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Creating USPs

When markets offer so many alternatives already, it’s difficult thinking up new ideas to appeal to the over-targetted, already-satisfied customers. Apple’s approach is clear: the USP with their latest product launch is stated without hype and over-marketed image: “the world’s thinnest notebook”. The MacBook Air: So what about this one: Arrogant Bastard Ale. It’s been popping up on websites from … Continue reading

Knorr confusion

Thin bear soup

If a soup is called low fat, and it’s on-shelf next to a soup for kiddies, you’d expect it to keep its promise. Not so with these two Knorr soups. Soup on the left: for kiddies, limited edition Teddy Soup. Soup on the right: low fat. I won’t bore you with the nutritional breakdown, but the one on the right … Continue reading

Always read the instructions

Changing benefits

I discovered this little gem from Brazil on a table top in Berlin. An MBA had returned with it after discovering its “miracle benefits” while (supposedly) over there for his studies. Everyone he met said you should take it before and after drinking and the next day you’ll have no hangover. Now this sounds like a dream product. But after … Continue reading

Alpine realignment in Austria

Temporary rebranding

I’m used to seeing manufacturers play to current events to capture people’s interest – as they did in Germany during the 2006 World cup (click here to see what the Germans did in the supermarkets). But you don’t often see them completely redesigning the logo to capture the public’s imagination. Not unless they have such a strong brand that consumers … Continue reading

Underfoot branding.

One small step for a brand

This shoe from a well known brand in Germany has been carefully designed to show the name of the brand on the sole. When you look at the shoe directly. But what if, like most people, you never see the sole? Then how can you display the brand…? Answer, with the imprint the shoe leaves. But … it’s backwards. Wrong! … Continue reading

Hope in a bottle

Benefiting your baby

I stumbled across this product in Italy. Not a familiar sight on shelves in the UK or Germany, but apparently marketing execs in the States hope it will pull in the mums. It has a totally clear benefit: the baby will sleep. As it says on the US website, “There’s nothing like a good night’s rest, for your baby and … Continue reading

Photo of German catalogue - similar to UK promotions.

Spice up my light

As you’ll know if you’re a regular reader, I do like spotting benefits – or mocking products that fail to state their benefit. I see Tchibo have been thinking up nifty kitchen gadgets to help me cook my autumnal mushroom harvest. May I introduce you to the “Electric Salt or Pepper Mill“, a state-of-the-art must-have item in today’s electronic cooking … Continue reading

Source: The Ratner Gazette

Benefit: boiled baby?

New parents often get showered in presents. And, having less time than ever to respond, then have to work out how to say thank you. Now a Japanese company has come up with an answer. Rice. Rice? Ok, not just any rice, but rice in an adorable piece of packaging: a picture of your dear new baby. So there’s an … Continue reading

Source: Beauty Engineering Forever website

Say it as it is

Continuing my series from the MBA course on brand names that say what they do, I recently came across this New Zealand brand made by Beauty Engineering Forever ( Quoted by other marketing website (such as this one) as an example of an Eco-Iconic brand, I was more impressed with it’s slap-bang-this-is-what-I-do approach to branding. No frills. This is my … Continue reading

Try me. Break me...

Buy me buy me. Try me try me. Oops.

The Action part of AIDA is important when it comes to finally getting someone to do something (ie, buy). One approach is to let people try the product for themselves. Like test driving a car (by which time advertising for awareness and gaining interest should be under the bridge). This product tried precisely that tack. Test. Stretch. And somebody did … Continue reading

Need some sexual relief? Try this.
Source: company website screenshot

Fancy a hand job?

Well, some product manager was obviously slightly challenged in thinking up a name for this product. Perhaps, so involved in the product world, benefits, consumer needs, USPs and competitive positioning, everyone involved – from R&D to the packaging designers and marketing department – forgot to stop and ask themselves, “Could this descriptor possibly have another (naughty) meaning?” Dear Aveda, in … Continue reading