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BTB: interesting information

A common tool used in BtB advertising is the “case study”. This is because it allows the reader to relate to an issue and identify with the need. Here’s how not to do it. Statement making. Not a single mention of the customer (ok, it says “our customers” – but how about “you”). Dry text, dry facts – overall an … Continue reading


Emotional attraction

To attract your audience, you have to talk the same language. This is where the I for interest and then D for desire in AIDA are important – plus understanding customer behaviour and the things that make them tick. Siemens does this well. Their campaigns may cover similar phones with similar benefits, but they work out carefully how the benefits … Continue reading


The art of surprise

Surprise and humour are powerful tools in converting awareness into interest, and interest into desire – all in keeping with the classic AIDA model. And here is one of my favourite examples (ever), a brilliantly executed teaser. Open magazine. Browse. Come to a page on the right as below: Not much info, wonder what that ad was about. Let’s turn … Continue reading

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A Papal testimonial – to beer

Sitting in the late afternoon sunshine in the father-in-law’s back garden I am handed a cool weizen beer. Malteser. The brand I know well from a town in northern Bavaria: Amberg. There used to be 12 breweries in Amberg but with only 40,000 inhabitants some had to fall by the wayside. One of them was the biggest, and probably most … Continue reading