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Explanation for non-speakers of German: "Miet" means hire

Rare multilingual joke

Nice. Nice pun. Nice point. I like it. For another neat word play, see here.

One slip-up could wreck your image.

The grapes of wrath

What seems like a harmless sign in a UK supermarket is actually the result of weeks of anguish for the company, especially in the marketing department. You’d have thought that legal issues are not so central to marketing. Think again. As you’ll have read about in the Economic/Legal section of the PEST model, you need to be on top of … Continue reading

Oh, bubbles. Us too.

Stealing others’ ideas

One sure-fire way to capture interest is to hijack it from somewhere else. This falls into an area of advertising where you do a spoof or pastiche of an established campaign or concept. If you do it well your audience will smile and go with you. And Interest very quickly becomes Desire. If you do it badly you could get … Continue reading

Mocking the powers that be

Smoking ban? Who cares!

I’ve been waiting with baited breath to see how the German cigarette companies would deal with the smoking ban in bars. Trust my favourite brand (NO, I don’t smoke) to strike the right chord. Here’s how they dealt with it in Baden-Württemberg, which implemented the ban last year. Rather than go more abstract (than they already are!) they met the … Continue reading

Style: "Neutral"

Get a life

Thumbs up to this nifty campaign devised by German ad agency Scholz & Friends. According to my MBA sources (thanks Esther), it’s already scooped prizes, but I would like to add my praise for a) finding a new and eye-catching medium and b) using this medium to push the message so effectively. Source of images, campaign info, more examples and … Continue reading


Using media money quickly

In non-profit markets, marketeers have to really push the message quickly. When it’s a political message, they have to do it powerfully too (given that many people are bored by politics, especially under the current grand coalition). So hats off to the Green Party/Bündnis 90 alliance for going where no others would dare to… this is brave advertising. Very brave. … Continue reading

Going places: marketing cities

My thanks go to Christina who pointed out a great article on what the Germans call Standortmarketing (a term the English language sadly struggles with – the nearest equivalent would be “Location marketing”. It’s about marketing The Big Apple or similar tourist attractions which are actually a place; more here). As Spiegel will probably sue me in the land of … Continue reading


Complex buying

No one could claim that buying a mobile phone is easy. There are so many different options and charges it makes you wonder whether anybody actually finds the best deal possible. This is quite normal for complex buying behaviour. You want to get it right (you might have to live with the consequences of a bad decision for a couple … Continue reading


A message that sticks

This poster for an environmental lobbyist in China took a while to make its point, but it made the point well. A simple idea: the poster has glue on it. Dust particles stick to the glue. After a few days you see how dirty the air is in the city. The message: pollution pollutes.


Using time well

I love this. My thanks go to the MBA (who shall remain nameless) for this wonderful example of a medium breaking through the message and actually creating the message. As you wait. Forget “guerilla marketing”, forget clever slogans, this gets my vote! For more marvellous media, see here.


Hold on tight

As you’ll know if you subscribe to this blog, I like nothing more than a medium that becomes more than just that – and actually becomes the advertising message. Like this poster for the world’s largest chain of amusement parks, Six Flags. Who says posters are always flat?