Topics offered

The subject of your course can be from any realm of marketing or advertising. Training sessions and seminars will be discussed and agreed with you in advance to ensure participants learn as many new things as possible, or have the opportunity to discuss issues important to them. The aim is to demonstrate the many choices marketing professionals face, discuss goods and bads, and explore all the possibilities that could be taken back to the workplace.

managment courses


Typical seminars

Marketing management (English, 4 days; 2 days)

International marketing (English, 4 days)

Market research/analysing customers (English, 2 days, 1 day)

Market research and analysing customers in export markets
(English/German, pre and post time abroad)


Voted best lecturer by students on the Red Bull Global Graduate Program out of 33 full and part-time lecturers from the USA, UK, Germany and Sweden.


Customer feedback (excerpts)

"Alex Woodruff not only gives lectures that are underpinned by theory, the stories he tells are peppered with practical examples based on personal experiences. This bridges the gap between theory and practice. He also has an excellent ability to tune into the audience, build trust and make people feel comfortable with the topics. This is all reflected in the outstanding feedback he receives from students."

"That was an enthralling and inspirational event. I was amazed how different one and the same campaign can be perceived by different cultures and all the things marketing managers have to think about."

"A lively and exciting talk delivered by a marketing expert with international experience. The history and development from one-channel marketing into advertising dialogue underpinned by social media was extremely insightful. Mr Woodruff presents without coming across like a schoolmaster. He's a terrific and adept keynote speaker!"

[Alex Woodruff] "introduced an alien topic to a group from a different culture and did this in such a way that everyone (!) felt they were in a position to go off and translate what they had learnt into practice, without further need for support."

"Alex Woodruff wins people over, not just becuase of his blog - he's a brilliant speaker."

"I'm so glad Alex Woodruff teaches for us as a guest lecturer."