Insights, from the inside out

Need an English-speaking marketing expert to spice up an event, add insight or stimulate the grey matter with thought-provoking examples
from beyond the back garden? Need a thoroughbred advertising junkie
to deliver a speech at a company event? Then read on...

Alex Woodruff has been sharing his marketing and advertising stories with all kinds of audiences for over a decade. His anecdotal talks and courses include horror stories, humourous hiccups, examples of best practice in England, Europe and beyond, plus new ways of thinking. Whether you're an experienced manager, or a student aiming for management, you're unlikely to come away from a talk or course with
Alex Woodruff without fresh insights.


Typical topics and courses

    Speeches on international marketing
    Seminars and short management courses
    Market research training
    Key note speeches

Not a speciality of Alex Woodruff

    Off-the-shelf speeches
    Seminars crammed with dry theory
    Talks with no bearing on business


An English event or "Doch Deutsch"?

It's your event, so you decide. Alex Woodruff can deliver crisp and clear BBC English at an understandable pace, or slip seamlessly into German with a hint of an English accent. And even if course participants have a broad local accent, he is surprisingly accustomed to dialect, having spent many years torturing his ears with the challenges of non-High German.


Examples that get the audience thinking


Brands and ads that bring content to life


Alex Woodruff is a certified Project Skills Coach


Voted best lecturer by students on the Red Bull Global Graduate Program

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Many examples are feature on the blogBlog

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