Speeches and special talks

Interesting ideas, a smattering of theory, plenty of examples

Lively talks brought to life with plenty of recent and classic examples

from international markets – examples participants can relate to, examples that match their interests and needs.


Topics offered

The subjects participants benefit most from are not necessarily new to them. Sometimes all it takes is to look at things from a different angle, perhaps  through the telescope of a marketeer from foreign shores.


Reference projects (excerpt)

Karlsruhe Marketing Club: "BETTER ADVERTISING! Six deadly sins from an international perspective" (German, 2 hours, plus Q&A)

GF Piping, Switzerland: "International advertising - saying the right thing". Speech for marketing managers based at foreign subsidiaries (English, 1.5 hours, plus Q&A)

MVV Energie, Mannheim: "These customers … what ARE they up to!?" Speech for sales specialists on decision-making, purchasing behaviour and head-versus-heart (German, 1 hour, plus Q&A)

Media GmbH, Stuttgart, Keynote speech to mark opening of academic year: "Social Media - just like selling eggs"

ITW, Illinois/Dornstetten: "Marketing and innovation." Speech and short workshop on the role played by marketing and sales, and how to deal with innovations, customer decision-making processes, market segments and buying roles. Audience from United States, France and Germany (English, 2 hours + 1 hour workshop)