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An app parents approve of?

Helping screenagers

A golden rule in marketing is KNOW YOUR CUSTOMER. In some markets, especially B2B, this can be difficult as a number of decision-makers may be involved. In consumer markets it’s usually easier, but not necessarily obvious… One thing parents struggle with is which products the children may decide to buy, which ones to buy together, or which ones to buy … Continue reading

A boring attempt to attract new customers?

Strong, pink, strange…

The German discount supermarket Lidl has been selling a limited edition drill in the UK, in PINK. I’m trying to get my mind round this most basic kind of segmentation, men versus women. OK, they’ve worked out there’s a new kind of emancipated DIY enthusiast out there – women. So it could be potential new business by stretching the target … Continue reading


Variant management

A huge challenge with products that span a number of variants is how many variants you need and how to keep them selling uniformly across the range. Production managers won’t like you if one of your products has to be made in small batches at irregular intervals. It’s not just expensive because of tooling and materials handling, items gathering dust … Continue reading

Polish Food Lidl

Occupying Pole position

I’ve been watching ethnic marketing in a number of cultures now, not just with the Turkish population in Germany. Some of the big questions you’ll have to ask yourself if you target an ethnic market: 1) Is the target group big enough to sustain good sales? and then 2) At what point do we jump in the deep end and … Continue reading

ACORN website screenshot

Big Brother

The classic approach to segmentation in consumer markets used to be demographics. I remember clearly as a brand manager at Unilever presenting my target group as C1C2D, women, over 35. Not surprisingly, this was a traditional hairspray brand. But in the 80s, marketing people got wise to the fact that people may be in a clearly defined demographic group, but … Continue reading