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Cut above the rest

I’ve already introduced a wine on this blog that tries to shout out on shelves by looking different. Its bent bottleneck could be seen as a USP. As I explained at the time, this

doesn’t necessarily have to be something more, something better, or even something immediately adding a benefit. But it provides you with a unique identity, allowing people to say “Yes, it’s the one with…”


Well now I’ve found a much more powerful attempt to do the same thing, also involving the packaging. I spotted this wine among the scores of wine on the shelves in Italy. It has a small section of vine attached to the bottleneck. I assume it was cut off the vine the grapes were grown on. It immediately teleported me to a hillside in Italy imagining where the grapes were gathered, the sunshine, the smells, the atmosphere.

It’s a big risk as it must be easy to damage and I shudder to think what the production and logistical implications are of something as fiddly as this. But when you change any aspect of P for Product it typically has more impact than the other Ps on costs and other parts of the business. And I can imagine many supermarkets would complain about the difficulty of such an irregular shape on shelves (they hate anything that could clog up their smooth distribution or layouts).

But at least it adds “taste appeal” and says more than the label and name, which (with any other wines that are totally new to you) is the only other clue you have about the contents of the bottle.