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Aimed at 110,000 soles.

Guerilla marketing – not in our little town

My eye was caught recently by an item in a specialist marketing and advertising magazine about guerilla marketing. An ad agency in the relatively small German town of Eschweiler had obviously been briefed to create as much hype as possible for the opening of a new Tamaris shoe shop. The publicity stunt they came up with – designed not only … Continue reading


Selective attention for Volkswagen

Many marketeers are baffled by the things their target audiences remember from their advertising. I once worked on a food ad where everyone remembered that the woman in the kitchen licked her finger (an attempt by us to add appetite appeal). Probably because some people think too much about hygiene. Sadly they remembered nothing about the yummy ingredients, let alone … Continue reading

Sex - you get elsewhere

Sex sells

Well, does it? Let me be as up-front on this issue as some of the examples are: no. I don’t believe it does. Let’s take a first example. There I was, innocently flipping through the pages of a marketing magazine. In the small ads at the back, my eye is caught by… oh dear. Ok, you got me. But then … Continue reading