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Way of confusing people

Getting increasingly irritated by the Suzuki slogan ‘Way of Life’, I decided to look into what could surely only be some German translation or misguided attempt to sound cool. When I did, I was amazed to discover that this terrible slogan is actually not a mishap from an agency here in Germany, but their international slogan. What do they mean … Continue reading


I’m your brand

Continuing on the lovemark theme and brands that tune into you by speaking your language, I decided to contrast and compare two products and their slant on speaking to the buyer through the packaging. The first is from the UK, a traditional cake that can be sliced and eaten with butter and a spread: Soreen, the “original malt loaf”. It … Continue reading


Nestling onto packs

Nestlé’s gradual attempts to expand the global umbrella brand and place the mum-feeding-chicks logo onto the back of packs, and, in certain cases slap the company name onto the front of packs, is perhaps getting there… Most Germans I speak to think it would be taking it too far to extend this strategy to mega-brand Maggi. But, it’s started in … Continue reading


Matching clothing

Abercrombie and Fitch have decided they don’t want free publicity on TV. At least not the free publicity they’re getting from US make-out-like-a-macho TV series Jersey Shore. In a bold move they’re telling the stars of the show they will pay them NOT to wear their clothes. A kind of reverse testimonial. The marketing department think they’re clearly the ‘wrong’ … Continue reading

Unilever declares its identity

Stepping up corporate branding

I had my suspicions about Unilever moving towards corporate branding (see gradual packaging changes here). Well it looks like my hunch was right. The first brand I’ve noticed publicly outing its Unilever owner – ie, showing the new logo on TV – is Lynx (Axe outside the UK). It’s taken what I call its ‘smell me bonk me‘ campaign and … Continue reading

Catch up competitors if you can.

Forward integration?

Here is a wonderful example of cobranding. Develey, Bavarian producer of sauces, mustard and condiments and supplier of ketchup to McDonalds in Germany, has a growing presence in supermarkets. McDonald’s has none. Develey has the technical and product know-how. McDonald’s as a franchise has, more-or-less, none. But Develey really doesn’t have a strong national brand, it’s more regional. McDonald’s does. … Continue reading

Screenshot source: "Dove" chocolate website

Back to the start

Amicelli, once called Dove, once called Dove Amicelli (and a couple of other things in between) has gone back to Plan A. It’s now called Amicelli. Mars hopes that this latest move will allow all associations with body creams and cosmetics to fly off like a silent white bird into the distance. If you were following the Amicelli story on … Continue reading

Bird's nest  - on your soup

Unilever to try corporate branding?

Well, well. Do I smell a rat? Is Unilever going to gradually start telling us more about all of the brands it has under its umbrella – and start corporate branding? Nestlé have done it in certain areas, as you’ll know if you read this blog regularly (from some of the mistakes and branding problems). And although my students tell … Continue reading

Source: screenshot from Coke website

Coke goes corporate

Are Coca-Cola going to start using their mother brand as an umbrella? In Germany I’ve noticed the packaging on their products – pictured below – increasingly features something along the lines of “made by the Coca-Cola company”. It used to be down the back of packs. Now it seems to be creeping round the front. Now they’ve gone one stage … Continue reading


German humour, bilingually

This example of creative branding gets a strong thumbs-up from me, as a copywriter, especially as it crosses the language barrier and works ideally in German. To get it, you need to know golf. So if you not an aficionado of the hole-orientated sport, you might need to know that the “green fees” are what you pay to golf clubs … Continue reading


McDonalds and health foods

We all know about the big M’s ongoing problems with health issues, so what – now that most people have heard the controversial statements and seen films like Super Size Me – are they doing about it? Well, in the UK they’re sidestepping a recently introduced ban on junk food advertising (as if that’ll stop the cave-dwelling Brits eating too … Continue reading