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You buy Intel, indirectly

A component, please

Can you buy a Dolby, or an Intel processor? Well, yes you can. If you know the right specialist outlets. But you don’t go out and buy what is basically a standard BtB component. You buy a computer, with “Intel inside”. Or you buy wonderful hifi, with Dolby. Both of these brands have succeeded in establishing themselves as a household … Continue reading


BTB: interesting information

A common tool used in BtB advertising is the “case study”. This is because it allows the reader to relate to an issue and identify with the need. Here’s how not to do it. Statement making. Not a single mention of the customer (ok, it says “our customers” – but how about “you”). Dry text, dry facts – overall an … Continue reading


BtB co-branding

If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em. Executives in Germany and Japan obviously concluded around the same time towards the end of 1990s that what sleepy Siemens needed most was a shot in the arm of Japanese inventiveness, and the thing Fujitsu needed most was a hefty slug of German reliability. Strangely this was Siemens’ second stab at silicon synergy … Continue reading


BtB big spenders

Spending above the line (ATL – classic advertising) is not common in many areas of business to business. Relationship marketing is more important and customers are simply not looking at the media with BtB buying in mind. It’s also very expensive. More money goes into personal selling, brochures, websites and especially trade fairs. So it’s refreshing to see a big … Continue reading