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Driving bathroom business?

Cars and shampoo

How to grab a prime on-shelf position in one of Germany’s leading drugstores. First, find someone to produce generic toiletry items for kids, maybe an own label producer for supermarkets or a foreign factory looking for some ideas to use up production capacity. Second, find a kids’ brand that’s well-known and will look just right on


A hole in the strategy

When I stumbled across this chocolate, I had to buy it. I know Aero well from the UK. But what, this says Trumpf on it?! How could this not be Nestle? It seems this German company got there first. They had the name already, they had a product in the chocolate sector (important, as when you register a brand you … Continue reading

A boring attempt to attract new customers?

Strong, pink, strange…

The German discount supermarket Lidl has been selling a limited edition drill in the UK, in PINK. I’m trying to get my mind round this most basic kind of segmentation, men versus women. OK, they’ve worked out there’s a new kind of emancipated DIY enthusiast out there – women. So it could be potential new business by stretching the target … Continue reading

Source: Meggle website screenshot

Diversification attempts

Two examples of German companies trying to diversify, one successfully, one not. Both went into related but still new markets, with new products. So according to the Ansoff Matrix this was diversification. The not-so-successful example comes from Meggle. To most Germans, this is a butter brand. A couple of years ago they moved into another dairy market but one that … Continue reading

Steiff clothing

More Steiff stuff

Ulrike has once again pointed out a good example to me, this time of a product development strategy straight out of the Ansoff matrix. I’ve noticed the traditional German cuddly toy maker trying to do something about the dwindling birth rates in Germany before, most obviously by targetting older buyers in the media (who’ll buy gifts for kids), and more … Continue reading


The toilet paper I’ve always been waiting for

SCA – who recently bought German megabrand Tempo from international consumer products mammoth Procter & Gamble – seem to think I spend my whole day thinking about toilet paper. No, on Assael’s model for understanding buying behaviour this is bottom right box: habitual purchase. We go to the supermarket, think for a fraction of a second and buy the same … Continue reading

Cutting edge design (Image:

Cutting into new markets at Porsche

Porsche’s joint venture talks broke down with Volkswagen some time ago, so now it seems they’re looking for new ways to make money. According to the Handelsblatt article sent to me by Philip, we can expect to find 150 Porsche Design outlets in countries ranging from Dubai to Delhi by 2014. Now, if splashing out on a Porsche and roaring … Continue reading

Catch up competitors if you can.

Forward integration?

Here is a wonderful example of cobranding. Develey, Bavarian producer of sauces, mustard and condiments and supplier of ketchup to McDonalds in Germany, has a growing presence in supermarkets. McDonald’s has none. Develey has the technical and product know-how. McDonald’s as a franchise has, more-or-less, none. But Develey really doesn’t have a strong national brand, it’s more regional. McDonald’s does. … Continue reading

Moving bears forward

When the size of your target group keeps shrinking, you need to find new ways to grow the business – or improve profits. Steiff, cult German producer of teddy bears, knows how important this is, in a country where birth rates don’t look like they’ll ever return to the high levels of the 1960s. So what is it doing to … Continue reading

Not Jägermeister. Nope. Source: website

Not me – Kein Jägermeister

Portfolio management and long-term planning is crucial when you grow a business. One of the biggest issues from a marketing point of view is: do you stretch the brand and extend it into new markets, or do you launch new ones? This was obviously the issue tackled by Jägermeister, a cult brand that has already proven its marketing prowess by … Continue reading

Diversifying into jeans.
Hopefully not a dear move.

Diversification – from tractors to jeans

What a brave move – John Deere (makers of farming equipment) are going into … jeans. Well Ansoff would certainly take his straw hat off to them for diversification. It will be interesting to see if they pull it off, after all Harley Davidson did. Ok, it’s only under licence. Ok, there’s no risk in terms of capital or people. … Continue reading