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Ethnic food?

When a mass market retailer like Lidl starts stocking ethnic foods, you know previously niche nosh is going mass market. German retailers have been much more explorative in recent years, even doing special English weeks. Yes, there are some mighty fine foods from the country many continentals mock for its cuisine. But when I found elk soup in Lidl last … Continue reading

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Diversification attempts

Two examples of German companies trying to diversify, one successfully, one not. Both went into related but still new markets, with new products. So according to the Ansoff Matrix this was diversification. The not-so-successful example comes from Meggle. To most Germans, this is a butter brand. A couple of years ago they moved into another dairy market but one that … Continue reading

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Drink sparks off controversy

I’ve heard it said that any publicity is good publicity – as long as you can repair the damage when it’s not positive. I wonder if SABMiller agree. In the states, their brand “Sparks” has been creating a ripple or two. Critics and lobbyists keen to nip teenage drinking in the bud claim the company is deliberately targeting young people … Continue reading

Up he comes, up the pet step.

Stepping up doggy demand

My thanks go to Phil in London for pointing out this major doggy innovation. Dog steps to help your aging pet up onto the bed. In the old days it doubtless leapt up eagerly in the morning, now it’s old, the will is there but the flesh is unwilling. What I like about this is that it plays to an … Continue reading


Money down the drain?

Ok, help me. Who buys this stuff…!? For the uninitiated: it’s mineral water. And why do people buy it? Because it’s got Swarovski bling on it? Because it tastes good? (When I see the packaging I expect the contents to taste like perfume.) Because some people have more money than common sense? (Sorry, because they have no common sense?) Well, … Continue reading

Keeping rats off

Topping the rest

To some, new product development (NPD) sounds like a complex process where businesses rack their brains for years to find the next major breakthrough in a market. But it doesn’t always have to be that way. If you ask me the best innovations are tweaks. Take this can of drink I bought in Italy. It’s a standard aluminium can. With … Continue reading