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Flavour of the month

This year, the hey-be-cool food and beverages trend in Germany has to have been elderberry. It actually got underway in 2012, if not earlier, but in 2013 I think the product life cycle really gathered momentum. Holunder – German for elderberry/elderflower – first caught a wider audience’s imagination in trendy bars with a drink called Hugo, a sparkling wine or … Continue reading


Customer language

The Postbank, linked to Deutsche Post, has obviously worked out that it has non-native speakers of German using its ATMs (cashpoints). Especially at this time of year, there could be quite a lot of visitors to Germany thinking of withdrawing cash. So to help people who don’t speak German navigate their way through the machines, they now have a message … Continue reading


Are Web 2.0 customers always right?

Two recent examples of how listening to the much revered customer does not always go right – especially if they take over your marketing for you! And using Web 2.0 and inviting online junkies to define tactics …? We’ll start in Australia. The Land of Plenty. This includes Vegemite, a yeast extract similar to (but definitely not the same as!) … Continue reading

Expensive to make, not dear to customers

Use the news

Companies often use things happening in the news to inject their products with interest and move forward the AIDA process. But this recent idea caused a bit of a cafuffle. Obama Fingers. Yes, you read that right: OBAMA fingers, like fish fingers only with chicken. What in heaven’s name possessed the people at the company (and probably some over-zealous product … Continue reading

Teds for grey markets

Young and old

The Germans are dying out. Ok, they’re not really dying out, but the birth rate has plummeted. In fact it’s been in decline for decades. Bad news if your core target group is babies or kids. By 2035 each working person will be funding another German’s pension. To respond to the demographic change, Steiff has been adapting its marketing strategy … Continue reading


Turkish consumers

While more and more people in west European countries complain about the rising number of immigrants, some marketing departments are recognising the demographic shifts and responding to the opportunity. In the States this started happening a long time ago. The Mexican population alone numbers more than 15m – that would be a whole country in Europe, it’s the size of … Continue reading

Who are you?

If you ever have any type of business dealings on an international level, you’ll know how easy it is to have misunderstandings. Speaking the same language helps, but it only allows you to understand interactions, not cultural motivations, beliefs and fundamental assumptions underlying those interactions. Much work has been done on cultural differences, spearheaded in certain areas by Hofstede. He … Continue reading

Melitta man

If you know German advertising, you’ll be familiar with the long-running campaign for the coffee brand Melitta. The slogan “Melitta macht Kaffee zum Genuss” (literally “Melitta makes coffee an indulgence”) has little to do with the content of the TV ads though. For years it’s shown a young father with his son, who regularly shirks his homework and brings back … Continue reading