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Who do they think I am?

Modern marketing is keen to embrace customisation, especially online. With an increasing number of tools to track the surfing habits of users, work out where they are, and work out what interests them, marketeers are exploring whole new avenues of “match the message to the audience”. This is all part of one-to-one marketing: tailoring the message to the identified audience, … Continue reading


Are Web 2.0 customers always right?

Two recent examples of how listening to the much revered customer does not always go right – especially if they take over your marketing for you! And using Web 2.0 and inviting online junkies to define tactics …? We’ll start in Australia. The Land of Plenty. This includes Vegemite, a yeast extract similar to (but definitely not the same as!) … Continue reading


Books navigate new waters

Pons, which English dictionary users will know more as Collins, has finally taken the plunge and not only gone online, they’re openly advertising the fact. This will have been a tough decision for a company that sees itself as a seller of books. In strategic terms it represents a small but potentially far-reaching step into product development (bottom left box … Continue reading

Web 2.0 – will it hit Germany big-time?

Well if this isn’t official, what is: The world of blogs, mashups, podcasting, RSS, social networking, widgets and wikis is set to hit global marketing, big time. So when are German companies going to wake up to this…? Or have they done so already? I decided to search for signs of Web 2.0ism at five big names in Germany, … Continue reading


The Pope marches on

Having already posted on the progressive marketing skills of the Bavarian beer-loving Pope, I am pleased to see his publicity bandwaggon is accelerating. In preparation for his 2008 tour of the United States, he’s gone and got himself a logo. I love that fetching yellow sweeping arch. It expresses all the dynamism and forward-looking zap you’d expect from a modern-day … Continue reading


Kennedy’s promise

In 1963 Kennedy made a promise to the American people that the US would put a man on the moon before the end of the decade. Sadly he was never there to see it happen, but his proud scientists did it. It took billions in investment, with money thrown almost recklessly at “getting it right first time” (and winning the … Continue reading

Cats created by condoms

In assessing the impact on the marketing environment made by technology change, Kotler describes a somewhat unexpected chain of trends, products and markets created by the invention of the condom and contraceptive pill. In fact some claim contraception was one of the most influential inventions on mankind in the whole of the 20th century. The chain: – contraception led to … Continue reading