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Price skimming

Producers of mobile phones, digital cameras, flat screens and similar hi-tech products often have to pump huge budgets into R&D. To get this investment back – and break even as quickly as possible – they tend to “price skim”. This involves using high prices to remove the “cream” from the market before the competitors catch up. Thankfully innovators are willing … Continue reading

Don't drink or eat too much

Christmas gift

In case you were disappointed by your Christmas gifts. Here’s a little something… I’m assuming it’s a joke present. Or at least, if someone gave it to me, I’d have to be in good spirits. Probably a short product life cycle though. And it must fulfil a benefit. The only question is: for whom? The giver or the receiver. And … Continue reading


Old habits die hard

I was amazed a couple of months ago to see this poster on the door of my local Schlecker drugstore. Not just because it was selling consumer electronics, it was selling record players. Record players?! Remember them? Well, if your childhood memories started in the 80s then probably only from older relatives. Of course the “retro” trend is nothing new … Continue reading

Only for laggards?

End of the line?

Does nearing the end of the product life cycle justify throwing in the towel? Not always. Some clever companies still make money out of markets that have matured beyond ripening (or even gone into gradual but inevitable long-term decline). In the 21st century, dominated by computing and breakneck pace developments, would you still produce and market typewriters? There’s not much … Continue reading