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Kill outdoor advertising…

If Coley Porter Bell’s business blog is anything to go by, Sao Paolo authorities have decided to rid the city of “visual pollution” – and ban all outdoor advertising. No, this is not an early April fool’s joke. And it amazes me that it’s not hit the marketing headlines earlier. But according to the pictures I’ve seen (sourced from their … Continue reading

Pick Pixi!

Perfect pixie placement

Gaining attention at the PoS (point of sale) is never easy when there are seemingly hundreds of competitors trying desperately to get noticed. Like in the very first days of marketing, at the market stall it feels you have to shout loudest to sell more. Only a certain number of suppliers gain the honour of a “listing” – ie, get … Continue reading


German holidaymakers

Inspired by thought on holiday, and a classic beer ad from the UK, I wonder if it is time for a new type of hotel where they clear away beach towels in the morning… Could it be filling a market niche? Would there be enough customers keen to get round the Germans’ bad reputation at the poolside? One thing I … Continue reading

Fair treatment for all

Excess baggage – of market opportunity?

Continuing my onslaught on minorities, this time I will join the medical profession and condemn obese people and their burden on transport – but also turn this into an opportunity for airlines. Why is it that people pay so much money for 1st class seats? Because they can’t stand sitting next to an elephant with elbows jutting into their ribs? … Continue reading

Setting the standards in the UK and placing their stamp of approval on builders

Quality housing

On German TV you see regular reports and documentaries about people who built their own home, or got a builder in to build their home – and all the awful things that go wrong. A friend of mine who is about to move into a new flat had a draught test done (the door is pasted over and air is … Continue reading

Supermarket segmentation

A call to retailers: give your customers more hassle-free shopping! No I haven’t been drinking coffee. No I’ve not got anything against old people. Just today, as a working man, it finally dawned on me. I traipse off to the supermarket to do the shopping and there’s nothing but glue-kneed geriatrics plodding around. One of whom, in a blatant case … Continue reading