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With or without him? Get with it.

Dreaming of different things

During my summer holidays this year I met a number of interesting campaigns again and this first one on the right didn’t fall into the ‘good’ category. We have two young grown-ups sharing a fantasy, as young adults do. So what is the object of their imagination? You’ll be disappointed when you find out. Salami sticks (full ad here.) Maybe … Continue reading


Bubble T to a tee

McDonald’s in Germany starts a marketing drive for its Bubble Tea range today. In case you’re not the target market – which looks to me like 10 to 15-year-olds – or you haven’t noticed teenies walking around with big transparent plastic beakers containing sickly coloured fluids, slippery fruit pieces and jelly blobs (and you’ve not yet been zapped by the … Continue reading


Apple bites Apfelkind

The owner of a small restaurant in Bonn, whose name translates as “apple child”, is facing legal action for using a logo that is apparently so similar to the Apple logo, there is a significant danger it could be “mistaken” for the global icon. Does a hugely influential brand like Apple really need to bully this poor woman? Well I … Continue reading


Rough design

I have Christian to thank for this latest example from Switzerland that shows Dacia is willing to be adventurous and portray itself as a quirky brand. The press ad he saw looked like some kid or puerile pundit was trying to deface Dacia’s delicate design. The scribbles looked like graffiti. But no, on closer examination this was part of the … Continue reading


Ambush in South Africa

While the world’s eyes were on South Africa for the World Cup, Bavaria beer from Holland (who’ve already featured on this blog for “spoofing” the classic Heineken ad) pulled off one of the highest profile examples of ambush marketing I’ve ever seen. The official sponsor, Budweiser, were clearly not amused. FIFA neither. But Bavaria raised its profile dramatically, not just … Continue reading


Out of control

Question: Why do the Chinese copy big brands and produce fakes of their own? Answer: Because they can. Can in the sense of “are not stopped” – by the authorities, who have obviously not got the situation under control. Can in the sense of “know how to” – having been trained by western companies. When planning the P for Place, … Continue reading

Unilever declares its identity

Stepping up corporate branding

I had my suspicions about Unilever moving towards corporate branding (see gradual packaging changes here). Well it looks like my hunch was right. The first brand I’ve noticed publicly outing its Unilever owner – ie, showing the new logo on TV – is Lynx (Axe outside the UK). It’s taken what I call its ‘smell me bonk me‘ campaign and … Continue reading


Creating USPs

When markets offer so many alternatives already, it’s difficult thinking up new ideas to appeal to the over-targetted, already-satisfied customers. Apple’s approach is clear: the USP with their latest product launch is stated without hype and over-marketed image: “the world’s thinnest notebook”. The MacBook Air: So what about this one: Arrogant Bastard Ale. It’s been popping up on websites from … Continue reading

Screenshot source: "Dove" chocolate website

Back to the start

Amicelli, once called Dove, once called Dove Amicelli (and a couple of other things in between) has gone back to Plan A. It’s now called Amicelli. Mars hopes that this latest move will allow all associations with body creams and cosmetics to fly off like a silent white bird into the distance. If you were following the Amicelli story on … Continue reading

Teds for grey markets

Young and old

The Germans are dying out. Ok, they’re not really dying out, but the birth rate has plummeted. In fact it’s been in decline for decades. Bad news if your core target group is babies or kids. By 2035 each working person will be funding another German’s pension. To respond to the demographic change, Steiff has been adapting its marketing strategy … Continue reading

Screenshot from:

Drink sparks off controversy

I’ve heard it said that any publicity is good publicity – as long as you can repair the damage when it’s not positive. I wonder if SABMiller agree. In the states, their brand “Sparks” has been creating a ripple or two. Critics and lobbyists keen to nip teenage drinking in the bud claim the company is deliberately targeting young people … Continue reading