Disclaimer/fair use of images

This blog is a review of marketing practice and business trends. It is aimed at MBA students on courses run by the author and anyone interested in general marketing issues. Its goals are purely academic.

All images in this blog are therefore merely for scholarship review purposes. The owners of images taken as screenshots own the full copyright. Images must therefore not be copied or distributed without reference to the original source and in any case must not be used for business purposes. Photographs taken by the author may be used without limitation and without prior permission of the author.

Use of images from screenshots falls under fair use doctrine that allows use of copyrighted material without requiring permission from the rights holders.

If the owners of images would like screenshots removed from this website they should please contact the author who will be more than willing to remove the image.

Companies praised or criticised in this blog are merely referred to for academic review purposes. Wherever possible this is described in an objective manner. Any negative comments made about marketing examples are merely for review purposes. They fall under freedom of speech laws and are in no manner intended to cast negative judgement about the capabilities and professionalism of the company or brand owners referred to.

If the companies or brand owners mentioned in this blog feel they are not being described fairly then they are also more than welcome to exercise their right to free speech. Please add a comment to the blog and join in the academic debate.

Students and visitors contributing to the blog are reminded that comments will be vetted before publication and must also adhere to fair use guidelines outlined under international law.


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