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Out of control

Question: Why do the Chinese copy big brands and produce fakes of their own? Answer: Because they can. Can in the sense of “are not stopped” – by the authorities, who have obviously not got the situation under control. Can in the sense of “know how to” – having been trained by western companies. When planning the P for Place, … Continue reading

The brand with the 3 blobs.

Chinese whispers

As the MBAs travel the world, I am seeing more and more examples of the random nature of legal restrictions in different countries. These recent examples where snipped by Ralph in China. First we have what looks like an imitation of adidas. Clearly the Chinese have no way either of controlling this blantant imitation, or of responding to the complaints … Continue reading


The art of surprise

Surprise and humour are powerful tools in converting awareness into interest, and interest into desire – all in keeping with the classic AIDA model. And here is one of my favourite examples (ever), a brilliantly executed teaser. Open magazine. Browse. Come to a page on the right as below: Not much info, wonder what that ad was about. Let’s turn … Continue reading