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A good match with customers

The latest case study winners came up with an alternative for Unilever’s teenage fantasy deodorant Axe (Lynx in the UK). It’s difficult to say if they won because of the positioning versus ‘The Axe/Lynx effect’ or the packaging. The positioning was already clever: while Axe/Lynx plays to a desperate dream of young men that using the product will make complete … Continue reading

Unilever declares its identity

Stepping up corporate branding

I had my suspicions about Unilever moving towards corporate branding (see gradual packaging changes here). Well it looks like my hunch was right. The first brand I’ve noticed publicly outing its Unilever owner – ie, showing the new logo on TV – is Lynx (Axe outside the UK). It’s taken what I call its ‘smell me bonk me‘ campaign and … Continue reading


Smell me, bonk me

When products have little to talk about on a functional level, they have to jump to the other extreme in terms of product benefits, and play to the emotions. This is what Lynx deodorant – or Axe on the continent – has been doing for years. A typical Unilever product, it is marketed purely on hope and image. Screenshots from … Continue reading