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Be rad. Work for BMW

Not much to say about this latest marketing gaffe, apart from: doh. The screenshot comes from Markus, who, quite rightly points out that English people looking for a job may have problems relating to “Motorrad”. If you’re not German, this means motorbike, but don’t ask me what it’s doing on an English website. I can only guess that it’s “editing … Continue reading


Packed posters

A simple guideline for designing posters – ask yourself, “How long will people stand in front of the poster and take everything in?”. The answer will normally be, around a second. I was once told that a poster should be a simple headline – better still your slogan – with a picture underneath of the product champion. And never plaster … Continue reading


Mercedes star

The more I look into the car wars between Munich and Stuttgart (BMW and Mercedes, the two great rivals in the two great neighbouring states of south Germany), the more intriguing it becomes. Following on from the feud kicked off by antics at the IAA (see here), I thank one of my MBA students (at Daimler, no less) for this … Continue reading


Car wars

Nothing like poking fun at the competition. Some people would maintain you must be desperate for something really interesting to say if you have to resort to mud flinging, but this sequence of ads from South Africa was amusing. It started with this: To which came this superlative: Others joined in: It was rounded off by a totally arrogant stance … Continue reading


Smart ideas

According to the story I heard, a few years ago at the big German car show, the IAA, the makers of the new Mini (BMW) decided to put their car next to a Smart (made by arch enemy Mercedes) and fill them both with ping pong balls. As visitors to their stand could clearly see, they got more ping pong … Continue reading