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Sloganize it, jeopardize it

I have Helge to thank for recommending a quick visit to two slogan-writing websites. Somewhat worried that either could put me and my agency out of business, I thought I’d give it a go first at Sloganizer.de with one of the most baffling concepts we’ve met in Germany: the idea of a “traditional” company being “innovative” (I jest not, we … Continue reading


Developing Bosch, carefully

My thanks go out to a current MBA for this peek behind the scenes at Bosch and how carefully (though so may argue conservatively) it has nudged its brand forward for 90 years. One thing’s for sure: it has remained consistent! We start with a message from “Wilhelm” to the “German people” proclaiming the need for Germany unity as the … Continue reading

Selling holes

According to marketing theory, you do not sell products – you sell benefits. Taking this to extremes, as Kotler once did, this means big companies like Bosch or Black&Decker are not selling you drills – they sell the hole. If you get the hole you need in a piece of wood, your need is fulfilled. I like this concept. Especially … Continue reading