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Swiss time to go first

Green Coke

Well it’s been around for a while in some countries (all right, months), so I was wondering when it would hit the shelves in Germany. But despite articles in trade magazines and speculation about the advent of Coke Life here, nothing doing. Not seen nuffin. Until it popped up in Switzerland.

Source: screenshot from www.ebaumsworld.com

Sprite’s next move?

It’s intriguing to see major internationals revamping their product portfolios – which often involves the three R’s (redesign, relaunch and then resign – the last bit being the brand manager who realises it didn’t work). I notice that Sprite in the States has redesigned its pack. But why only in the States? Is the brand name not strong enough (with … Continue reading

Source: http://www.asianoffbeat.com/default.asp?Display=1690

Coke nearly upsets the Chinese

Poor Coke, minding its own business when suddenly it finds itself in the middle of a global controversy. The first it heard about it was when a Chinese blogger came out with the following Germany has started to really show adverts for Tibetan independence. Coca-Cola! Okay, I will remember. From now on I will not touch this shitty product! The … Continue reading

Source: screenshot from Coke website

Coke goes corporate

Are Coca-Cola going to start using their mother brand as an umbrella? In Germany I’ve noticed the packaging on their products – pictured below – increasingly features something along the lines of “made by the Coca-Cola company”. It used to be down the back of packs. Now it seems to be creeping round the front. Now they’ve gone one stage … Continue reading

Walkers logo, UK

Chipping away at the design

Pepsico obviously takes a different tack to international brands than its arch enemy Coca-Cola. Coke is drinks, through and through. Pepsico, owner of the Frito-Lay brand, is also into snacks. But to achieve fast growth internationally it has gone for non-organic growth in many markets – ie, it buys up locals. So then you come back to the typical problem … Continue reading