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Own label compensation

Some companies deliberately sell the same product for a much lower price, even though there is a real danger customers will find out. Why? * To recruit customers to the brand (Boss selling ‘seconds’ in factory outlets can attract people who may trade up next time to higher price products) * To clear out stocks * To help cover fixed … Continue reading

Catching kids unaware

Point of sale action

Being the leading brand in your sector – with the highest awareness and plenty of interest and desire from your target market – isn’t everything. You still need something to stimulate customers to buy. Action. Haribo does this by using pester power. Kids have so much influence over parents that all you need is a little trigger and before you … Continue reading

Slap it on all over

Moo, your skin is so smooth

I’ve seen many examples of products stretching their way across the Ansoff matrix into new customer groups or markets (market development strategy), but let me introduce you to one of my favourites. But before I do, allow me to show you how Vaseline did a similar thing after years in the consumer perception as a petroleum jelly for… whatever. Well, … Continue reading


Bear potential

When Knut, the baby polar bear in Berlin zoo, entered the scene in 2007, the zoo owners really knew how to catch the headlines. The cuddly ball of white fluff quickly became an international star making headlines in every corner of the globe. Excellent PR, and the visitors flooded in adding welcome revenue. In the background, watching events, was Haribo. … Continue reading