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Ambush in South Africa

While the world’s eyes were on South Africa for the World Cup, Bavaria beer from Holland (who’ve already featured on this blog for “spoofing” the classic Heineken ad) pulled off one of the highest profile examples of ambush marketing I’ve ever seen. The official sponsor, Budweiser, were clearly not amused. FIFA neither. But Bavaria raised its profile dramatically, not just … Continue reading

Spoofs – how to capture interest

One way to push people through the AIDA process is to tune into the Zeitgeist. In recent months TV advertising for beer has been set on fire by a Heineken campaign from the Netherlands that has captured the imagination of online communities the world over. I have to admit it’s a classic. Anyway, I have Doreen P. to thank for … Continue reading

Heineken cans in France

Dealing with alcohol

How differently alcohol is sold in different countries… Starting with some examples from Anja (thanks for your input!), it looks like the French are taking the issue of drinking during pregnancy very seriously. So seriously in fact that warnings now feature on cans. Whether this is a legal requirement I don’t know, but if it is then that can’t be … Continue reading