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Joke over. Source

Kein Jägermeister – Part II

Ok, they got me. After trying to get my mind round what Jägermeister was up to I shall admit defeat. I fell for their trick. The “Kein Jägermeister” was a marketing strategy I’ve never seen before, so I’ve learnt a lesson or two. It looks like they were making us all believe this crappy (or so-uncool-it’s-cool) product was being introduced. … Continue reading

Not Jägermeister. Nope. Source: website

Not me – Kein Jägermeister

Portfolio management and long-term planning is crucial when you grow a business. One of the biggest issues from a marketing point of view is: do you stretch the brand and extend it into new markets, or do you launch new ones? This was obviously the issue tackled by Jägermeister, a cult brand that has already proven its marketing prowess by … Continue reading