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One plus one equals three

Co-branding synergies

The best co-branding is when one brand is not too dominant. Both should gain equally by joining forces. Similarly, both should lose out if the co-brand is removed. On these criteria the example on the right ticks all the right boxes for me. Remove the Müller Corner and the Kellogg’s Coco Pops have no leg to stand on. Take out … Continue reading

Sales worth watching

Testing testimonials

Choosing the right celebrity to endorse your brand is never easy, especially when you know they’re expensive. And many marketeers are now saying testimonials have gone too far. Problem is, they work. Even if this crowd stopper has NEVER won a major tournament, and her faultless frolics off the tennis court attract more headlines than her faults on the court, … Continue reading

Tiger testimonial

He’s grrrrrrreat!

Tony the Tiger, one of my favourites as a kid. A testimonial without the dangers of celebrity slip-ups. The wonderful thing about this endorser is he moves with the times, he’s adaptable. And he’s cheap! Why spend millions on expensive stuck-up headline grabbers when you can have someone like Tony endorsing your product for decades? And kids love him now … Continue reading


Star performance

Brand symbols last and, if used consistently over time, take on meaning as an icon for the brand. Eventually it’s no longer necessary to mention the brand. The symbol does the job for you, laden with symbolic expression and the whole brand equity. Some brand symbols, or mnemonics, that in my opinion really hit the mark: (If you’re not German, … Continue reading