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KitKat takes on the Nestlé stamp

Chocolate chaos

Nestlé does it again. In the late 80s they bought the traditional York-based English chocolate company Rowntree Mackintosh. One of their biggest assets: KitKat. So over time it was inevitable that the Nestlé owners would roll out their “Nestle on the front of all packaging” strategy in this core market. All these years later, they’ve realised the value of the … Continue reading


Changing chocolate

I’ve been watching a German brand of chocolate for years and either the owners, Mars, keep changing their product managers, or they’re getting a bit lost. It’s called “Amicelli” (I think). They launched the brand in 1999. At the time the slogan was “Alles nur nicht männlich” (everything, except “male”). Sadly I have no copy of the campaign but it … Continue reading