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Bird's nest  - on your soup

Unilever to try corporate branding?

Well, well. Do I smell a rat? Is Unilever going to gradually start telling us more about all of the brands it has under its umbrella – and start corporate branding? Nestlé have done it in certain areas, as you’ll know if you read this blog regularly (from some of the mistakes and branding problems). And although my students tell … Continue reading


Same product, same market

In the top left-hand corner of the Ansoff matrix you are encouraged to achieve business growth by sticking with the same products and sticking with the same market or customer. Easier said than done. But loyalty promotions and below-the-line activity that encourage customers to use more are one way of doing this. Here’s a good example. Ocean Spray, advertising in … Continue reading

The Maggi mnemonic

Remember me

Nestlé subsidiary Maggi has been building a mnemonic – or brand property – for years. It’s a very simple device that focusses your interest specifically on their product, in keeping with the AIDA process. A spoon: The intriguing thing about this everyday kitchen implement is that when you realise you watching or reading a Maggi ad, you start looking for … Continue reading