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Tease me, Malteser

What the hell are some copywriters thinking when they pen a slogan? Maybe alcohol affects their ability to think straight. We’ve already seen Irish companies writing some really bizarre stuff. But the two examples in this post show that it’s not just alcohol companies – the (often controversial) German drugstore chain Schlecker are equally guilty. Let’s start with the example … Continue reading

S/W Ver: 85.97.43P

A Papal testimonial – to beer

Sitting in the late afternoon sunshine in the father-in-law’s back garden I am handed a cool weizen beer. Malteser. The brand I know well from a town in northern Bavaria: Amberg. There used to be 12 breweries in Amberg but with only 40,000 inhabitants some had to fall by the wayside. One of them was the biggest, and probably most … Continue reading