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Philip Morris spin off

Well, for years people have been secretly spreading the word about Marlboro’s supposed “involvement in foods and drinks markets”. Few end consumers knew that the owner, Philip Morris, which had often reaped criticism for promoting its tabacco products, also marketed household favourites as varied as Milka chocolate, Jacobs Krönung coffee and Toblerone in Germany, and Vegemite, Maxwell House and Miller … Continue reading


Singapore solutions

If all cigarette advertising is banned, but advertising is the only real means to convey the core positioning of your brand, what do you do? Marlboro faced this dilemma. No advertising no Marlboro man… Well, unless you go through other parts of the marketing mix, which was their way to sidestep the strict legislation. Maybe we’ll see more of this … Continue reading


Mr Marlboro’s gone

We all know cigarette advertising will be banned in Germany some time. It’s already happened elsewhere and European law will take eventually precedence. So it’s interesting watching the industry limber up with many parallels to what happened in the UK. The first major move there was to forbid ads that show a person holding a cigarette. Next advertisers had to … Continue reading


I love you baby

Sometimes when you see stark contrasts you realise how unbelievable it is that legislation wasn’t changed earlier. This ad is shocking to modern eyes. And normally it’s the old generation that is shocked by what the following generation is up to. And as for this one, and the whole concept of passive smoking…


Scare tactics

[WARNING: this post contains shocking images – do not scroll down if you are squeamish] In 2001 I brought back a picture from England of a pack of cigarettes with what for German smokers was a HUGE warning on it. It was, it was a third of the front of the pack (unlike the German packs of the time – … Continue reading