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Frozen actions

During a short stint in Sales, I was told that Mars never price promoted products that could be stocked or “hamstered”. Not sure whether that’s true or not, especially as promotions are a good way to round off the AIDA process – they stimulate customers to act – but that can also do you damage. Interestingly, German gardening centres run … Continue reading

Eight out of ten owners…

For years, Whiskas catfood was advertised on English TV with the slogan “8 out of 10 owners say their cat prefers it”. Any kid that grew up in the 70s and 80s had it drummed into their heads so often, it was like a religious feline chant. Until someone (doubtless a competitor) took issue with the tagline. Is that statistically … Continue reading


Of chocolate and dogs

Some years ago Mars decided its international brands were now streamlined enough for the same names to be used in different countries. They had the big brand Mars, but also Snickers & Marathon (one and the same product, the chocolate bar with peanuts) and Twix & Raider (also the same product, two thin bars with caramel and biscuit) … German … Continue reading