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Are Web 2.0 customers always right?

Two recent examples of how listening to the much revered customer does not always go right – especially if they take over your marketing for you! And using Web 2.0 and inviting online junkies to define tactics …? We’ll start in Australia. The Land of Plenty. This includes Vegemite, a yeast extract similar to (but definitely not the same as!) … Continue reading


Out of control

Question: Why do the Chinese copy big brands and produce fakes of their own? Answer: Because they can. Can in the sense of “are not stopped” – by the authorities, who have obviously not got the situation under control. Can in the sense of “know how to” – having been trained by western companies. When planning the P for Place, … Continue reading


Barbie tracks trends

Kotler cites Mattel, US owner of the world’s leading doll, as an excellent example of a “marketing environment watcher”. Apparently the average American girl owns 8 Barbie’s in their lifetime. Mattel has positioned the brand benefit as “playing at being a grown up”. Source: screenshot To update their range, Mattel constantly comes out with new versions of the doll, according … Continue reading