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I noticed a long time ago that the Germans like to poke fun at the Scots for being thrifty and tight with money. It seems to be acceptable here, more so than mocking the Swabians. But when it comes to the use of “Mc” in some brand names here, it took a lot longer for me to feel what the … Continue reading

Lovely location marketing

Lovemarks and Liebe

When Kevin Roberts, the CEO of Saatchi and Saatchi first wrote about “Lovemarks” and that unique combination of love and respect every company craves for from its customers, I remember thinking “What a lovely term!”, even if the concept was nothing new. People have, after all, been obsessed with their favourite car brands, designer wear and entertainment providers for decades. … Continue reading


Bubble T to a tee

McDonald’s in Germany starts a marketing drive for its Bubble Tea range today. In case you’re not the target market – which looks to me like 10 to 15-year-olds – or you haven’t noticed teenies walking around with big transparent plastic beakers containing sickly coloured fluids, slippery fruit pieces and jelly blobs (and you’ve not yet been zapped by the … Continue reading

Catch up competitors if you can.

Forward integration?

Here is a wonderful example of cobranding. Develey, Bavarian producer of sauces, mustard and condiments and supplier of ketchup to McDonalds in Germany, has a growing presence in supermarkets. McDonald’s has none. Develey has the technical and product know-how. McDonald’s as a franchise has, more-or-less, none. But Develey really doesn’t have a strong national brand, it’s more regional. McDonald’s does. … Continue reading


McDonalds and health foods

We all know about the big M’s ongoing problems with health issues, so what – now that most people have heard the controversial statements and seen films like Super Size Me – are they doing about it? Well, in the UK they’re sidestepping a recently introduced ban on junk food advertising (as if that’ll stop the cave-dwelling Brits eating too … Continue reading


Marvellous media

I hate the term guerilla marketing. According to the book written in 1984 it is “an unconventional system of promotions on a very low budget”, but these days it seems to be anything that isn’t classic media. A creative way of doing something different by throwing people off buildings, slapping stickers on people’s foreheads, whatever.Would the practice used by product … Continue reading

ACORN website screenshot

Big Brother

The classic approach to segmentation in consumer markets used to be demographics. I remember clearly as a brand manager at Unilever presenting my target group as C1C2D, women, over 35. Not surprisingly, this was a traditional hairspray brand. But in the 80s, marketing people got wise to the fact that people may be in a clearly defined demographic group, but … Continue reading


Ronald’s favourite

Whether comparative advertising is your style or not (some people say you shouldn’t need to mention the competition and in fact doing so is at some level only helping plug their name – at your expense), this picture says a thousand words. I never found out whether McDonald’s did anything about Burger King using their “brand mnemonic”, but I bet … Continue reading