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Mobility isn’t mobility

Living in Germany, especially in a city as car-obsessed as Stuttgart, you’re constantly bombarded by advertising messages relating to modern travel, life on four wheels and Mobilität. Mobility? What, old people with walking problems desperate to get about more? Well pimp my scooter. Fine in German. But please don’t produce new materials in English with the word translated directly into … Continue reading

Mercedes: conquering double deckers

Burning your assets

Mercedes have had some pretty awful PR recently in the UK. For the third time in only four months one of their bendy buses has caught fire. Who would have thought that the iconic double decker would ever be replaced in London? But they were. By – of all things – a bus from Germany. In fact London Transport has … Continue reading


Mercedes star

The more I look into the car wars between Munich and Stuttgart (BMW and Mercedes, the two great rivals in the two great neighbouring states of south Germany), the more intriguing it becomes. Following on from the feud kicked off by antics at the IAA (see here), I thank one of my MBA students (at Daimler, no less) for this … Continue reading


Discounter hotel?

When your pricing strategy is like Aldi’s – low price, always low price, but good reliable quality – you’ll be pigeon-holed as a “discounter”. There’s nothing wrong with this strategy, as long as you sell products in high volumes. Which is precisely what Aldi does – it’s the No1 in Germany apparently (though it would be nice to see this … Continue reading


The art of surprise

Surprise and humour are powerful tools in converting awareness into interest, and interest into desire – all in keeping with the classic AIDA model. And here is one of my favourite examples (ever), a brilliantly executed teaser. Open magazine. Browse. Come to a page on the right as below: Not much info, wonder what that ad was about. Let’s turn … Continue reading


Cheap PR

When money is tight, it’s difficult to push products with high profile campaigns. On the other hand you can’t pull the plug entirely on ‘P for promotion’. Kotler’s suggestion: at the very least keep money aside for PR. In one spectacular case, a small company grew sales by 15% year-on-year, purely through effective PR. I saw some similarly satisfying results … Continue reading


Smart ideas

According to the story I heard, a few years ago at the big German car show, the IAA, the makers of the new Mini (BMW) decided to put their car next to a Smart (made by arch enemy Mercedes) and fill them both with ping pong balls. As visitors to their stand could clearly see, they got more ping pong … Continue reading