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Philip Morris spin off

Well, for years people have been secretly spreading the word about Marlboro’s supposed “involvement in foods and drinks markets”. Few end consumers knew that the owner, Philip Morris, which had often reaped criticism for promoting its tabacco products, also marketed household favourites as varied as Milka chocolate, Jacobs Krönung coffee and Toblerone in Germany, and Vegemite, Maxwell House and Miller … Continue reading

The Maggi mnemonic

Remember me

Nestlé subsidiary Maggi has been building a mnemonic – or brand property – for years. It’s a very simple device that focusses your interest specifically on their product, in keeping with the AIDA process. A spoon: The intriguing thing about this everyday kitchen implement is that when you realise you watching or reading a Maggi ad, you start looking for … Continue reading


Star performance

Brand symbols last and, if used consistently over time, take on meaning as an icon for the brand. Eventually it’s no longer necessary to mention the brand. The symbol does the job for you, laden with symbolic expression and the whole brand equity. Some brand symbols, or mnemonics, that in my opinion really hit the mark: (If you’re not German, … Continue reading