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Disaster for Actimel, Müller Probiotics, etc?

A report in today’s Telegraph has to be the nightmare of every product manager. It says… “Yoghurt health drinks are at the centre of safety fears after 24 patients died during clinical trials of probiotics, the dietary supplements containing potentially beneficial bacteria.” Now, if your product is designed to boost health (or immunity), then this is truly slaughtering the very … Continue reading

One plus one equals three

Co-branding synergies

The best co-branding is when one brand is not too dominant. Both should gain equally by joining forces. Similarly, both should lose out if the co-brand is removed. On these criteria the example on the right ticks all the right boxes for me. Remove the Müller Corner and the Kellogg’s Coco Pops have no leg to stand on. Take out … Continue reading

Own label compensation

Some companies deliberately sell the same product for a much lower price, even though there is a real danger customers will find out. Why? * To recruit customers to the brand (Boss selling ‘seconds’ in factory outlets can attract people who may trade up next time to higher price products) * To clear out stocks * To help cover fixed … Continue reading

Bum Bum in the UK?

Ice cream: two arses

Naming brands is never easy, but if you’re a regional ice cream maker and hit upon an idea that works in your country, you’re probably not thinking about words and meanings beyond the borders of the domestic market. I met someone who worked for Schöller ice cream, based in Nuremberg. I was burning to know why their brand “Bum Bum” … Continue reading