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A hole in the strategy

When I stumbled across this chocolate, I had to buy it. I know Aero well from the UK. But what, this says Trumpf on it?! How could this not be Nestle? It seems this German company got there first. They had the name already, they had a product in the chocolate sector (important, as when you register a brand you … Continue reading


Nestling onto packs

Nestlé’s gradual attempts to expand the global umbrella brand and place the mum-feeding-chicks logo onto the back of packs, and, in certain cases slap the company name onto the front of packs, is perhaps getting there… Most Germans I speak to think it would be taking it too far to extend this strategy to mega-brand Maggi. But, it’s started in … Continue reading

Bird's nest  - on your soup

Unilever to try corporate branding?

Well, well. Do I smell a rat? Is Unilever going to gradually start telling us more about all of the brands it has under its umbrella – and start corporate branding? Nestlé have done it in certain areas, as you’ll know if you read this blog regularly (from some of the mistakes and branding problems). And although my students tell … Continue reading

Bum Bum in the UK?

Ice cream: two arses

Naming brands is never easy, but if you’re a regional ice cream maker and hit upon an idea that works in your country, you’re probably not thinking about words and meanings beyond the borders of the domestic market. I met someone who worked for Schöller ice cream, based in Nuremberg. I was burning to know why their brand “Bum Bum” … Continue reading


Tip of the iceberg

Nestlé and its ice cream brands. A continuing saga. I stumbled across their UK logo: Now hang on, we had something else in Switzerland: And in Spain (take your pick – the last time I was in Spain they had two logos running in parallel, or was it three): It strikes me that Nestlé’s problem is that they have taken … Continue reading


Not so great, After Eight

Can brand managers not even get some of the basics right? Or is Nestlé governed by so much bureaucracy that no-one remembers what the corporate design is any more. Here we see ex-Rowntree Mackintosh brand, After Eight, being subjected to a bit of Swiss savagery. First the brand with a coherently designed Nestlé logo (though I suspect this is not … Continue reading

KitKat takes on the Nestlé stamp

Chocolate chaos

Nestlé does it again. In the late 80s they bought the traditional York-based English chocolate company Rowntree Mackintosh. One of their biggest assets: KitKat. So over time it was inevitable that the Nestlé owners would roll out their “Nestle on the front of all packaging” strategy in this core market. All these years later, they’ve realised the value of the … Continue reading